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Video is growing leaps and bounds and doesn’t look it going to slow down some time soon. If you’re not using video with your marketing plan you’re leaving money on the table. Video Marketing is an amazing way to enhance your business stand out from the crowd make a difference for your business.

There are a few different types of videos for you marketing efforts and they are as follows.

Business Owner Spotlight FAQ Videos

These are great for local business to showcase their business and answers some of the hard press frequently ask questions people have about their business. The good thing about this is the owner of the business already knows what these questions are and can elaborate real well with any script of any kind. It works quite well.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are great to showcase what other customers have experienced with the business and you can hear what good or bad with the business you may want to hire. It gives real social proof right in front of your eyes. Usually you don’t need no script with these videos either, but you can tell the person doing the testimonial video to state their name and what they purchase from the business and state what you like the most about the product or service they had.

Video Sales Letters

Now a VSL is great for product or service online that has to be set up right to be effective.  For a video sales letter to work well you have to use all text with just a few graphics but don’t do much, with a blank white background. You have to keep the text center and same font size throughout the presentation. But the most important aspect to remember is to use the right tone of voice when doing VSL’s. You almost have to sound a little hype and salesy.  Make the audience sound like they got to have it and this will solve their problems with whatever the sales video is about. This is great for online marketers especially.

Animated Videos

Animated videos are quite different from the rest. It using moving graphics, text, video and more with the video, kinda like watching cartoon. You can get very creative with animated videos and make them entertaining at the same time. It’s good to keep the flow steady and get your point across with all the different animation going on. One of the best software and the one I use is called Explaindio Video Creator.

Real Estate & Slideshow Videos

Real estate videos are a whole new ballgame. The best way to approach the market is to us slideshows of pictures of the homes they are wanting to sell. You have to get the best looking pictures you can get and show all the rooms, backyard and other special things about the home to intense the watcher. When doing slideshows keep it moving steady with animated transitions so it looks nice. There is two services you can use for this great animated feature and they are Animoto, Render Forest and if you’re lucky enough to have mac computer you can use iPhoto. Using these tools will really enlace your video to make it look professional.


Webinar videos are growing big time right now. The reasons for this is because of how personal and real it seems. You can get free training on a product you purchase or hear a webinar for an upcoming product or service. If you’re doing the webinar you have to follow a few guidelines when presenting the webinar, that is a whole article itself. The good thing about these videos is can help people with the problems they are having, address them by name, talk to them and help. Usually at the end of the video most will try to pitch an upgrade of the product or service you already purchase. Be ready for that, but some give you all training content.

Live Broadcasting

The live broadcast is fairly new to the playing field. This when you are live of course and talking to you audience on location somewhere. It very powerful stuff, you can communicate with your audience on the product or service that you’re talking about right there, right now LIVE! Facebook Live is getting very popular as I write this. You also have YouTube Live you can use.

Well there you go the most effective video marketing and the types of videos you can make. I sincerely hope this help guide you for your next product or service you are trying to put across.

After the video is done then you have to optimize the video so it can be seen online. This will be another article in the future.
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