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Traffic With Forum Marketing The Do’s and Don’ts

One of the best ways to get traffic to your money site or whatever target you’re after is forum marketing. First thing you have to forum marketingdo is look to Google search and put in your niche and forum together.

Google Search

For example: “Internet Marketing Forum” and this will bring up all the forums for the internet marketing niche. Whatever your niche is put in the keyword followed by forum don’t forget to use the ” ” colon’s.

The good thing about forum traffic is that it is laser targeted traffic, these people are interested in this niche and are looking for ways to solve their problems and grow.

Once you found a few forums that look good for your niche, you want to sign up with them. Fill out your profile and add your best image if they allow this. Read the rules on the forum very important to do, if you make mistakes or upset too many people you will not be there long.

Forum Marketing Do’s

  • Ease into the forum first, don’t over it do it in the beginning
  • Get to know people
  • Post with helpful replies first
  • Get your post count up first
  • Don’t post your own thread first, you have to reach out for awhile get your post count up
  • Let people get know you
  • Comment and reply to others posts
  • Always give helpful and valuable comments
  • Build a foundation of yourself
  • Build up a loyal following of fans
  • Research the questions if you don’t know it?
  • Inject your personality
  • Be nice and positive at all times

Forum Marketing Don’ts

  • Do not write one worded answers
  • Don’t give to much value right away
  • Don’t pretend, be real and be yourself
  • Don’t ever promote your links directly in your posts
  • Get money out of your head…Focus on helping people

Try and remember to be very helpful and give valuable content to help people. You don’t have to give all the golden nuggets away but you can wet their appetite.

Once you are establish and have given a lot of help in the forum you then can add your signature after each post or posts you make. Remember to make it short and punchy.

Hopefully they will like what you have to say and the advice you’ve given out and they may click on your sig link and go to your site, in  hence creating traffic you you.

Focus on sacristy and your best offer you have to give them. Example signature would be:

See what I am using myself to make $1000 and building recurring income

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So get out there find your top 3 forums for your specific niche and get communicating with your market.

forum marketing

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