Plan for Success

Planning for Success and Getting a Clear Vision

plan for successAsk yourself one question right now…?

Do you have a plan for success? Have you yet written down on a piece of paper or your notepad what your goals are? First let’s get real clear here…

Say to yourself I am in This to WIN This!

In this article we’re going to look at two very important keys for being successful.

•    Getting Clear on Your Vision (Clear Vision)
•    How to Create and Achieve Goals

1st on the list getting a clear idea what you really want to achieve. What does that clear vision look like to you? Success is different for all of us but still the same. But in a true core of human nature we’re looking for happiness, freedom, and to look after love ones.

WHY? What is your Why?

What is your burning desire? Look deep within what do you want? Look at yourself and what do you have to change for the better? In this business online and all others we’re all on a special road to our rewards. But you have to figure out why you want it is..Love, Happiness, Loved ones. You can create your own luck.

Negative Thoughts

Don’t let negative thoughts of other people bring you down NEVER! Don’t let it in your head. Believe in yourself only you can do it. Figure out why you want it…and of course NEVER GIVE UP! Choose consciously that whatever it takes you will make it. Realize that almost anything is achievable.

Write Your Goals Down

If there is one thing you have to do as a successful entrepreneur and that is write down your goals, your subconscious mind will actually remember that goal clearly and are for more likely to be able to put it into action.

Everyday create new smaller sub-goals that all together builds up to your Big Goal. You don’t want to try and do it all at once, you’ll become overloaded. I’ve been there a few times.

You might want to try and do bite-sized chunks goals and complete them one by one. That is how I do it myself…work’s for me.

Keep yourself accountable as you’re getting closer to the end results.

One more thing you must do for better results is set time frames to your goals. For example I am going to do some blog commenting on my niche market by Sunday night this week, I can get this started anytime but I have to been done by Sunday @ Midnight.


Set a clear deadline for all your goals. Deadlines are super important in goal setting the clearer you are on your deadline the more likely you are to quickly put that specific goal into action!

Achieving your Goals and Deadlines = Success

If you stick to your goals that are small, and complete them daily or even weekly, you will be amazed at how much progress you make in a few months. Get clear on your biggest obstacles or obstacle…People you fail let obstacles become a reason they can’t do something.  Successful people realize that the only real obstacle is…Ourselves there is always a way!

You have to know what your biggest obstacle is and go out there and overcome it already! Let’s do this!

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