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Change Your Mindset

Today I want to talk about something very important to have for solid results. In order to be successful in any business you must acknowledge that you are building a real business.

  • Any business takes time to learn, understand and make profitable.
  • Coming into a business and expecting instant overnight success is a sure way to think yourself to failure.
  • Do not make that mistake, or nothing will improve or change
  • You must acknowledge that or you will always be having troubles.
  • Focus on providing great value for your audience at all times and things will take care of  itself.

Okay so you got a great mindset and vision plus a great attitude to take action. Now let’s look at this topic another way.

Now that you are part of this fantastic journey it’s important that you accept there will be a period of ‘learning’ that must take place.

A very good health doctor trains for a full 10 years to get the skills they need to be successful. A surgeon for 14 years

To make you a knowledgeable  internet entrepreneur will take FAR less, but it won’t happen by this time tomorrow

It could take a few weeks, it could take more…considering you take action and focus at all times.

But even if it took you six months, one year or even 2 years to start making a consistent full time income online ($10,000 +)

Can you allow yourself to completely change your life for the better and live a dream lifestyle that many never will

Wouldn’t it be worth it? I hope you’re saying YES right now, or you may find yourself stuck in the same position you are right now forever.

And I know you want more:)

Can you focus and give it your all and from 12 months from now you are making progress and sales. CAN you do that? To see the success you’ve work so hard on. YOU CAN DO IT!

Mindset + Vision + Positive Action = Results

Make complete sure you take action, hold yourself accountable and do what has to be done. Look back from 12 months from now and see where you are at in your internet business.

When I got started back in this business in 2003 I didn’t make a singe dime for THREE FULL YEARS

In that time I spent nearly $30,000 too

But I never gave up… I never quit… I KNEW I WANTED THIS AND WOULD MAKE IT HAPPEN

So think long term, we all want results NOW and you may very well see great results very quickly, that is where I hope I can guide you on your way

But regardless, just know you are building a real business that can change your life forever. So don’t let yourself down.

The “Success Metric”

Traffic + Conversions = Sales ($)

  • Get targeted traffic
  • To a targeted offer that is highly optimized to convert visitors into buyers
  • Make sales – Generate revenue

This is the formula that allow us to make money on the internet.

This formula controls everything going on with this business you have to make a sale to earn revenue.

If you’re having troubles building and setting up the sales funnel or don’t know how to get targeted traffic to your offers that you do have then I want to invite you to be my partner and many others that are with me.

If you don’t know what I am talking about see what help me so much. Click the link below my signature.

Well I am going to get writing the next one where I talk about what’s the next step in the beginning and getting things done for solid results, I’ll be let you in a ninja trick too. So stay tuned, thanks so much for reading my words I do appreciate all of you and do want to help.

Timothy B. Miller

-Timothy B. Miller
My Mentor and Partner – Only For The ACTION TAKERS Please

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