Making Money Online and What It Takes

So you want to make money online and make it a reality. Let me start off with a short story about this mentor taking on a young lad in England. He had this technique were he would hold the mindset5youngster under water for awhile, but not too much to hurt him. After about the third time he holds the young lad a little bit  longer in time and finally pulls him up quickly.

He asks the boy as he was gasping for air, what was the one thing you wanted more then anything else while you were down under the water. He replied breath…air.

He said that is right, you must want it like breath itself!!

Breath Itself

All of us trying to make money online and doing our thing.  A lot of people don’t understand us, but we love what we are doing and our Internet Bank is growing as time goes by if not, never give up on yourself. Only you can make it happen and when you surround yourself with mentors and people that are already doing it, you then are increasing your chancing of becoming the same.

Times are hard right now and we need an edge and with the computer and the net we have a huge opportunity here.
I have been at since 2000 and oh much it has changed and still changing. I’ve learned you need to find one or two things you are really good at online.

Can you can solve a problem, do you have a service you can do?…Do have a how to eBook, sell on eBay, many ways to make money online I could go on here…etc… This is what a lot of successful marketers are doing online right now. I know them and seen there webinars, it does has help.

= Who are You..?
= What can I offer this world…?
= What niche em I in…?
= Can I optimize it for income..?
= Can I Market Myself..?

Be the best you can be and put the time into being successful. Life is always a crossroad, look at it and seize it every day.

– Every day is optimized, I like my life.
– Never give up on yourself
– You Can Do It
– Take Action
– Hold Yourself Accountable
– Educate – Implement
– Review and Scale.

Everybody wants something in life. You’re mostly wanting some or all of these 4 things in life

1. Health

2. Wealth

3. Love

4. Happiness

There are three things to also remember and they are…

1: Life’s Purpose –  What is yours..?
2: Win Friends and Influence People –  Be around people you want to be like.
3: What Motivates You Don’t Procrastinate!
Have to have Motivation – Work Smarter More you learn more you earn!

Your Mentors

These are the people who can help you grow the fastest, help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls, and help you to take your ideas and turn them into reality in record time. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on mentors and they’ve been the best investments I’ve ever made.

The bottom line is that you need to surround yourself with the right people if you ever want to achieve your own “Good Life.”

Over time make sure to build a team of people who share your vision, think hard on who you want to be mentored by. In my life I can remember reading one or two lines in a book that changed the course of my entire life.

When I was 19 years old I read The Lessons of History by Will Durant, and there was a quote inside it said “Who is Mighty? He who controls his own mind.” That little simple sentence changed the direction of my whole life by instilling into me a hunger for knowledge.

“If you don’t like Mondays, you don’t like your life”

Until then stay strong,

-Timothy B. Miller

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