Make Money Online – Do You Have a Internet Marketing Strategy?

Strategy2So let me ask you one question in this post today do you have a internet marketing strategy all set up for your internet marketing business? Do you have a plan?

Marketing Strategy In Place

For me personal I did not have a well thought out plan for a whole decade. It drove me absolutely crazy and all the money I spent on the shinning syndrome effect I was going through, always jumping to the next new shinning product thinking this is the one that will put me on to internet profits.

The sad thing is that almost all did nothing but waste my money and time. I kept tabs and I went through $28,424 DOLLARS! But looking back know, I did learn a lot, it just you have to find one or two things that you can be awesome at online and profit from it.

If you’re going through that syndrome try and pick what is working and stick with it or if your still learning, not making good sales then you do have other opportunities that are closer then you think.

I do have to be honest I did learn a few things here and there. Try to write good eBooks and sell them on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Clickbank etc. It still pays me today. I do recommend a lot of you to write an eBook. I tell everyone I know that we all have book in us. If you want you can email any questions about this I can can give you a lot of tips and who to follow.

But anyway getting off topic a little…

Plan of attack, creating a internet marketing strategy!

  • If you don’t have a strategy in place with your product or service you will not succeed well. Please trust me on this it is so critical for your success online. Your working for yourself and you have to keep yourself accountable and keep focus and take the action necessary. It’s quite simple really, if you take consistent action, review and optimize and then scale you will be do quite well believe me when say that.
  • Internet marketing is not as easy as you may believe. If your think you can just build a website and people will come, you would be mistaken. I remember thinking that when I started in 2000. Nope it don’t work that way, you have to work your ass off. Yep! But if you get the right plan, the whole system set up with your products or affilate sales. You can make money online.
  • But Traffic is next, once you built and things are in place, you have to have eyeballs. But just not any eyeballs you have to learn how to get targeted traffic that’s interested in your product, what you are saying.

On and on as you start working your business online.

What Is Your Plan?

So I ask you again do you have a strategy all plan out, written down or in a pdf that you can follow. I like to that myself. If you don’t I urge you to get a strategy work out.

For Example:

What Free Traffic Will I Use?

What Paid Traffic Will I Use?

Do I Have A Complete Sales Funnel In Place for My Service or Products?

What Do I Have To Educate Myself On To Do All This?

Will I Outsource?

These are the main ones folks that I work on every single day. I do this full time and you too can, but I will say many of us do go through some hard knocks on the way. But hey you know what what don’t kill ya makes your stronger. Plus I hope a little wiser. I do love this business I hope it shows through my words.

For all my readers and followers this is for you a tip that you should always remember..

It really is simple, help people, I mean really help them with something, weather it is to solve a problem, educate, make money, find love/relationship etc..Create, affiliate with, partner with anything you can do to help people and OVER Deliver and you will make money trust me you will.

I hope this help in some way?

If you like it let me know I do appreciate that!

Until next time keep taking action,

-Timothy B. Miller

After 13 Years Online I FINALLY Found The Answers!



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