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Internet Marketing Story Being a Traffic Monster

Can I tell you internet marketing story about myself? If you’re interested in making money online then you might like this story? Internet Marketing

It all started in 1999 I was trying to make more income for my family and I heard so much about this new Internet communication thing. I said to myself man this Internet thing I think it’s going to be a really BIG Deal I knew in my heart it was going to be a  Game Changer I could just feel it.

So I scrap up barely a couple of grand and I went back to college to learn computers for 2 years. I did not know how to even turn the darn thing on.  I did not have it when I graduated high school in 1981.

But I knew I had to learn the computer and learn this new internet craze that was being born.

So I thought at first I could get a job with knowing how to use the computer and all its programs plus good typing skills. But it was a blessing in disguise thank God,  I finished college went to many interviews and applied myself and not one of them gave me a damn job.

You don’t have any experience I heard over and over again, a catch 22 here I said to myself. Well if you give me a chance and let me get the experience, maybe I could be one of your best employees.  Yes I told them that it didn’t help.

So I was working as a head janitor for a small local college to pay the bills, but I knew if I just could get on this online income opportunity I could learn and earn as I go.

At first it was so very different with dial-up and figuring out HTML how to make a hard link with affiliate marketing, then how to cloak the link. So much to learn, building webpages, writing , copy-writing, banners, traffic techniques and the list goes on folks. I did it all, and I’m still doing it.

It does help to get a mentor that is already a ahead of you. My very first one was a guy from the UK and a guy at work that help me with HTML.

As time goes by the algorithm with Google changes and their rules too. So you do have to adapt as time goes by. IM Tip always keep the BIG G Happy.  And you will profit!

So where was I? Oh yes I could not get a job with a computer, so I FOCUS and visualize every time I clean the next toilet I was going to be home working on my online job, marketing myself and all the other ways to make money online.

I did not want to clean you know what all my life. I spent a ton of money to learn this business and wanting the next shinny thing coming out and in my email.

BEWARE of the shinning object syndrome folks especially you beginners.

You have to stop eventually, what it comes down to is sticking at that one core thing that you’re really good at online.  I spend over 30,000 dollars before I quit and said that is enough. But it has paid off; I have been paying my bills with my PayPal income through most of the years.

It really feels good to have that Internet Bank.  I have learned a great deal and I am still learning this great business of online marketing. I hope my words help you get motivated, to get really excited you got to love it to do it and it will help you do better at the this game.

You have to want like breath itself, and then you will succeed. Put all your focus and time, take action every day and with persistence you will see results small, medium, and large as time goes by.

Currently it is November 2016 and I’ve been at this game of internet marketing going on 15 years.  My first two years was learning the computer.  I will not lie to anyone reading this; it does take a lot of studying, learning what’s required and taking action all the time. Then review and scale up.

You have to learn the sales funnel and have it in place. Having a marketing plan in place and ready to go. Write it down on a piece of paper and following it like breath itself.  JUST DO IT! – I have always like Nike’s slogan.

What it really comes down to of course is…drum roll please…Traffic + Conversions = Bursting
Bank from the Internet…I like to call it Being A Traffic Monster! No eyeballs no money simple as that.

Then you have to work on those eyeballs and get targeted traffic.

Take action whenever you can, work on your marketing plan.  Keep your motivation going and most of all Don’t Procrastinate. I know it’s hard for some but it is one of the keys to success.

Not procrastinating.

  • Motivation – Work Smarter more you learn more you earn!
  • Education*
  • The habit of action taking*
  • Willingness to share your education with the market place*
  • A proven strategy* Persistence in that strategy*
  • Start implementing *  Sharpen your pencils, bring your notepad
  • You have to remember you CAN do this, self-belief is a very powerful tool
    and it’s essential for making your dreams come true.“If you don’t like Wednesday’s, you don’t like your life”Until then..Stay strong,

    -Timothy B. Miller

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