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Finding a Mentor For Online Success

Recently a guy asks me how to find a good mentor for online success. The only mentorshipthing I can tell him was from my own life experience and that was to seek out a mentor in whatever niche you want to be in. Someone out there is being successful at what you want to do.

You can learn from many of them but you really want to focus your attention on one good mentor that can cut years off your learning curve.  With a proven record of course.

I told him you will have to invest your hard earn money but in return if you put the work into it like you should then you can succeed online.  Personal I’ve learn from many of them but I really got lucky with my present one I met through Michael Cheney.

I’ve invested a good amount of capital you might say into Michael I’ve been following him since he started online.

Through my mentor I’ve learned to be good at one or two things online and focus all your attention to your marketing plan in your niche that you have chosen.

I’ve also learn from my mentor to have “The Perfect Path for Success” You will need to implement these as much as possible.

They are:

Listen Up1st  Educate Yourself

2nd Create Your Strategy

3rd Take Consistent Action

4th Review and Optimize

5th Scale


I have been at it online for a while now and it’s nice to see your PayPal and Clickbank checks grow. But you got to be an action taker and want it like breath itself I once heard.  It takes time, dedication, no procrastinating and money to get good at this game.

But when you partner with someone that is already doing it and wants to help train you and give you some much back with integrity and a proven system it’s hard to fail.  (You only fail if you don’t take action)

I told this guy it takes a lot to get it all in place, but once you do you have to market like a little traffic monster I like to call it.

Also please don’t forget to build your almighty list; I did not do this for a few years, I was still learning and being stupid leaving money on table.

If you have not heard the money is in the list, it’s true. But you have to treat your list like gold and it will turn into gold.

I am seeing way too many big shots/gurus overloading on email pitches all the damn time. I understand they have to make money will all do but be careful there I’ve lost many subs because of this.

Every 4 days hit them up with a promotion all the rest is helping them with the very best you can offer at all times!

Well anyway rambling on…If you’re interested I can steer you to my mentor.

But are you ready for it? Do you really want it?…

Never give up on yourself,

-Timothy B. Miller
“What it all comes down to is helping the rest takes care of itself”


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