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12 Tips for Email Marketing

email marketingIn this post I want to talk a little about good email marketing techniques and the importance of following up with your email leads.

  1. = Once your get a lead into the marketing and sales system you need to learn how to
    convert as many of your leads into buyers of the front-end (first) offer
  2. = Build a relationship, nurture them make them like you, make them trust you this is very important
  3. = Once you have a customer, it is your for life
  4. = The follow up process is a value-driven, in depth process that should last for a least a month
  5. = When you make a sale, you have a customer follow up system in place dropping off to a cold
    lead to a buyers lead email sequence.

The Follow Up (Customers)

  1. = Once on of your leads buys the front end offer and goes through the immediate sales funnel
    we then you put them onto a different follow up process. This is called your customer list and most autoresponders
    can take care of this for you.
  2. = This process is now focused on delivering massive value to the customer, very
    important here
  3. = The ultimate goal with the customer follow up is to get as many of your customers to
    enquirer about, and buy one of your higher level backend offers
  4. = These opportunities are presented to your customers using what I call “MMC’s”
  5. = Multiple Marketing Channels
  6. = This is another aspect of your marketing and sales system that makes it more powerful than most others online
  7. = You must you email marketing, automated webinars, live webinars, social media marketing, re-targeting and
    by the the most effective and valuable – One on one phone calls to your customers

These solid tips will help you keep your email leads and eventually make more income from them.

Something To Remember

Here is something to remember about how powerful your own email list can be for you.

If you were to lose everything online that you work for but you still had your email list you could start virtually all over again with just that email list that you have.

Yes it is that powerful! I am sure you’ve heard a million times before the “Money is in The LIst” very true my friends.

So get your email sequence written out for whatever you are selling at least up to 12 emails. It’s been also proven that people don’t buy right away, they need to see it at least 7 times before they may purchase your products.

Give Solid Content to Help

Another to remember is don’t spam them with offer after offer, like so many do. You kill your conversions this way. Offer solid content that adds value and helps them learn whatever market you are in.

Myself I do 4 emails of really valuable content that helps, then I will put in a promotion email for my products. Then I will give them 4 more emails with solid content that can they can learn from.

I hope my post here helps the ones that did not know this.

Always remember don’t worry about the money you want to make, concentrate on helping, nurturing, connecting with people and genuinely caring and all the rest will take care of itself.

Believe me!

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