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Do You Understand the Sales Funnel in Internet Marketing?

So my question today is, do you understand the full concept of the sales funnel online and with internet marketing?


Step By Step Process

For those that don’t know and ones that are learning and need a little more knowledge let me explain the right way for big commissions online.

The Sales Funnelsales funnel online

Your sales funnel is a complete system all set up and ready to fly off into the sky! That’s the way I like to look at in my own way. I use to work on a aircraft carrier in my early years. So the sales funnel is a step-by-step system in place let me explain more.

Here are core variables for a profitable funnel don’t every forget it, thank me by taking action.

  • Lead Page/OPT IN for Free Product As I’ve said in other posts you have to build a email list help them and promote to them. See my other post internet marketing.
  • Lead Product – the free product promotes this lead product. Lower Price $10 to $20 is best.
  • Upsell – very important to have in place once you have that first sale, you can upsell to them, just like Miceedee’s says would you like large fires with that. You have to do the same and don’t put it off. Why, because your leaving money on the table when you do. Your price will be somewhere around, depending what your selling $37 to $97 for an bigger more content, video, audio, pdf’s, skype help, etc..upgrade.
  • All you got to do is create a video of the product or video and audio and transcript for PDF just a few ways.
  • Recurring Income Memberships – I love this one once you get your visitors buying your products and there getting results you can upsell them to a membership site it’s so brilliant. I don’t know about you but IM Junkies like myself I love getting cash every month! I urge to get there someday.
  • High Ticket Price Items – This is where we all want to be! So all that hard work has paid off and the Honey Pot is about to get sweeter. Pay off to you. $1000 to $5000 dollar payments on your high ticket items. Now where making money online and you know why because we had the whole sales funnel set up and ready to go from the Start.

Can you see it now?

I hope you can see the big picture in this?

I know it will take time and building the whole system up but they are other ways too. I was very fortunate to learn this in my early years of learning internet marketing. But for years I only had the first three steps in place. I never had the last two. I do now but I can relate to where you might be yourself.

Staying Focus is The Key

Once you get control of all the distractions in your life and have time to sit down and get things done with your internet marketing the sooner you will SEE results. So stay focused on the prize.

Signing off for now see ya next time,

Timothy B. Miller
Stay Focused on the Prize

Here is a video I put together to help.

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