Monthly Archives: January 2017


3 Easy Ways To Making Your Website More User-Friendly

Google is constantly changing their metrics for ranking sites based on SEO searches. As a business owner, this constantly means you have to keep up with those changes to outrank competitors.

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2017 Online Trends

2017 Biggest Online Trends For Internet Marketers

Something I wanted to share that you need to know that current and fairly accurate for the trends that will be happening this year.

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mobile friendly

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Just a very quick post here I just found this site and wanted to get it up right away to help you…

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facebook marketing

The Biggest Facebook Update Ever is LEAKING Traffic – 8K Visitors/ a Day!

Got some good news for you today my fellow readers Facebook is taking over the BIG G it’s starting to happen 8,340 visitors/day is exactly the amount of free traffic we’re getting consistently from Facebook now using Instant Articles Bolt Publisher the first ever and only Facebook approved Instant Articles software for getting UNLIMITED free traffic..

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