2017 Online Trends

2017 Biggest Online Trends For Internet Marketers

The Biggest Trends Online Right Now for 2017

Something I wanted to share that you need to know that current and fairly accurate for the trends that will be happening this year.

  1. The increasing dominance of video ads. YES very True I star2017 Online Trendsted a new company for this.
  2. Mobile will completely dominate desktop.
  3. Dedicated apps will find their way.
  4. Social conversion is coming.
  5. Year of wearable technology and smart devices.
  6. Search algorithm will change. And change again.  As Usually!
  7. Online advertising will become more expensive.  Of course just like taxes!
  8. Unique, high-quality content will be the key.  I agree with this T-Totally!
  9. Conversion Rate Optimization to offer high ROI.
  10. Growth hacking will continue to evolve.  Can’t do the Right Thing Jeeeezzz Losers!

I have to agree with this list pretty much all this happening right now. So I hope this little list helps, keep your content the best it can be and try to keep the Big G Happy.

Credit for this List goes to Nikhil Aggarwal

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